A Trade Union, at last!

The Independent Union of Educational Workers of Vojvodina (NSPRV) has been operating since 1997, we are at this time in the process of expanding our trade union to the level of Serbia – Independent Union of Educational Workers of Serbia (NSPRS).

Our goal is to have a modern, professional structure, with a stimulating environment for participation in decision-making and union activities so we can provide quality service to our members.

 We are focused on collective bargaining, and supporting our members in exercising their rights, with a network of lawyers and legal aid. 

Currently we are advocating for changes in the legislature in order to provide a higher level of personal safety for school employees, and a rightful pay grade policy.

About teacher protest

Nikola Ćurčin, the vise president of NSPRS

About government measures

Dušan Kokot, the president of NSPRS